Lake House Design with Cozy Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

Lake House Design with Cozy Indoor and Outdoor Facilities – Catalyst Architects, LLC completed a project of a lake house with satisfying facilities. The residence is equipped with comfortable interior and exterior. There are some pictures of this residence telling how the designer created a comfortable living. It is with home theater, cozy living and entertaining and cozy sitting areas outside the lake house.

Amazing Landscape Design Lake Residences Green Lawn Wooden Bridge

Lake House Design Ideas

The first picture of this lake house design tells us about giving a nice serve for the occupants and families to watch a movie together in a modern black and brown room with wide TV, leveled sitting areas with black leather sofas and nice wall paneling in black. This is different with the kitchen design which prefers to be in white domination with a few black touches for the countertop. This countertop works with white cabinet, island and cream wall painting. Then, the living room looks peaceful in gray touches. It has gray rug, sofas, and painting. With greeneries added, this room looks really nice.

Gorgeous Classic Kitchen Solid Oak Cupboard Upholstered Chairs Lake Residences Moder Media Room Black Leather Seats Lake Residences Exciting Details Dining Room Small Flower Vase Lake Residences Beautiful Dining Room Glass Round Dining Table Lake Residences Sleek Traditional Kitchen White Cabinet Black Countertop Lake ResidencesBeside with this indoor area, this house is also equipped with cozy outdoor area for some gathering spots. The first spot, maybe the most favorite spot, is the terrace with wooden furniture where the occupants can communicate with the environment, especially the lake view. The head part of the house is with colorful outdoor chairs placed on a stone deck with outdoor fireplace in the middle. An outdoor fireplace is also added to a cozy hut in the rear area. The hut is with some lazy chairs in white and fireplace with a wall clock above it. Then, this house is also equipped with an outdoor pool with some sitting areas surrounding.

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Fabulous Backayrd View with Swimming Pool Traditional Lake Residences

Beautiful Porch with View Circular Table Lake Residences ExteriorAwesome Traditional Landscape Lake Residences Exterior ViewWith these indoor and outdoor facilities, we may conclude what a comfortable we would have lived in this sort of house. This lake house, with those ideas, is inspiration enough for us to create a cozy living. Then, what lake house design ideas you can suggest to us?

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